megan’s closet is an artistic community that will provide an open forum in which to workshop and discuss fiction, poetry, and art / as an imprint of silverthought press, mc will publish novellas, novels, chapbooks, and works of poetry / we will also publish a bi-yearly print magazine, which will be used to showcase the best of megan’s closet and silverthought / we are the home for the new breed of articulate anarchist / we are committed to the poetry of a grassroots revolution / we will do whatever it takes to shout out the words of our authors / we will use guerilla marketing / we will co-opt with mom and pop bookstores because they are the lifeblood of the unknown writer / we choose point of distribution publishing because it allows a precise freedom of speech combined with an economic use of resources / we crave writing that is innovative edgy transgressive anarchist obnoxious articulate honest / we are here to stay because this isn’t a hobby / this is what we live